Sailing Sydney Harbour

imageIt’s not very common in our house for someone to wake up at 3.30am. Well, maybe dad who works crazy long days, but 3.30am, even that’s an hour too early for him. I had never been sailing, or have any knowledge on which rope to pull and which way to ‘hoist’ the sails, before last Tuesday’s adventure on the Sydney Harbour.

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Sydney Getaway

imageLiving in a small coastal village means we don’t have huge crowds of people, no buildings lining our sky and not even a traffic lights or round a bout! Yep, these two coastal kids jumped on board the chaotic peak hour rush on board a train for 3 or to soak up the city life for a few days.

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Cambewarra Mountain to Fitroy Falls


The South Coast of New South Wales is where I am lucky to call home. It has some of the best beaches in Australia and also some of the world’s whitest sands in the world, epic surf breaks, mountains that meet the sea and amazing tourist drives that wind through the entire coastal area. Living in such a diverse area means there are millions of things to do and see.

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A Day in Villa Life


Imagine waking up to the rising sun over a wall of palmtrees, diving into your own private pool whilst breakfast is being cooked for you all within your own villa.

If the strong scent of fragipanis, the soothing sound of the rice fields swaying in the morning wind and the warmth of the Balinese sun hitting your back sounds like your kind of morning, than villa life could be for you!

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A Sun-Day at Uluwatu

imageUluwatu is situated in the Southern area of the beautiful island of Bali in the Bukit peninsula. The dreamy coastline is home to world class surf breaks as well as some of the worlds best sunset views. It is paradise within paradise.

Travelers, party goers, honeymooners, holiday makers and of course surfers are drawn to this magical place. Uluwatu truley offers something for everyone. We recently travelled to the South of the island and stayed amongst the beauty of Uluwatu, one Sunday.

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Grace Doyle – Irish Surfer, Beach Lover & Non- Stop Traveler

1. Grace, please give us a background about how you have got to where you are today?

imageHey! I’m Grace, from Ireland… I am very grateful to be where I am today. I’ve always been a water baby from a young age. I used to live in the city until my family moved closer to the sea. I took up surfing when I got a hand-me-down board from one of my older brothers when I was eleven or twelve.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer from a young age with all my focus being in the pool. For years, I competed at National and International level in both Swimming and Surf Lifesaving. Eventually my passion and love for surfing grew stronger and the ocean soon became my focus. I entered my first Irish Womens Open Tour event about four years ago (2012). I was able to win it and place 2nd overall on the Tour that year.

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Living – Bali vs Australia

Chickens cockadoodle-doing, kids squealing, motorbikes starting, crazy Balinese gecko’s squeaking, the wedding MC constantly saying ‘sati, dua, tiga, test, test, test’ and yep you guessed it, just as I drift back off to sleep, the mosque starts with the call to prayer. Afternoon naps here in bali aren’t the same as a cool, quiet bedroom in Australia, but who wouldn’t pick sleeping on a floor mattress with a tiny ceiling fan, next to Bali’s main highway, over your own bed?

imageThe choices we make and the priorities that we have made, influence how we appreciate and view our lives as well as everything in it. The amazing paradise we currently live in and of course being with the man I love and his beautiful family, means I have had to let go of a few of life’s comforts and reassess what it is in life that I want and also what I actually need.

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