Sydney Getaway

imageLiving in a small coastal village means we don’t have huge crowds of people, no buildings lining our sky and not even a traffic lights or round a bout! Yep, these two coastal kids jumped on board the chaotic peak hour rush on board a train for 3 or to soak up the city life for a few days.


With changing trains every so often we eventually navigated our way to Central station. With the workers, city goers and holiday crowds, we definitely stood out in our coloured tees and jeans amongst the black and white suited citu crowdy.

Our one bedroom apartment for the four days was located in the centre of china town. To be honest, we both felt like we had hopped off the train in Tokyo or Beijing! With so much culture, food and colours we headed straight to the Indonesian restaurant that Dwi had his heart set on before we had even left home! With full tummies and bright eyes, we dumped our one bag of luggage at the apartment and set off in the direction of Sydney Harbour.

After looking at the map, we decided to walk to what seemed like only a few blocks away to Darling Harbour. After spotting the harbour bridge, an hour and a lot of wrong turns later, we were surprised as we arrived at Circular Quay. We watched ferry after ferry arrive, fill up with passengers and then take off again to circle the harbour. Tempting as it was to jump on and ride a ferry back to Darling Harbour we began what we thought would be a short walk. Ten kilometres later aNd sore feet, we had seen the sights of the city and walked off our huge Indonesian lunch.

A late afternoon drink with one of my girlfriends at a beautiful old bar, turned into a Chinese dinner in the hustling streets of Chinatown. Where better to have chinese than Chinatown, right?! The cool, night air was filled with the scent of Asian cuisine mixed with the sound of different languages. As we drifted off to in a sleepy daize , the sounds of the city we distant; sirens, loud bangs of restaurants below and again unknown languages.


Beep, beep , beep. We awoke to the sound of a truck reversing quite early in the morning. Day two. We navigated our way, (correctly this time), to Darling Harbour. The aquarium, Sydney wildlife zoo and wax museum are all located down on the wharf and is exactly where we were headed.

I hadn’t been to an aquarium since I was little and Dwi, never!

imageTo see the sea underwater is amazing. Fish, penguins, rays and of course the Sharks. We had a special moment with a huge dugong that spotted us a mile away through the glass and headed straight for us. Shark feeds, snake pats, koalas cuddling and meeting all the celebs at the wax museum kept us on a constant move. As we headed back towards our room, we spotted the best Indonesian in the city for a late lunch! Just like being there and sitting amounts the Indonesian locals and joining in with the Indonesian lingo. Soto, bakso, soups, chicken, lalapan and of course nasi (rice)! A late afternoon kip turned into a super early night. With aching feet from walking, full tummies from a huge Indo lunch (again) we fell asleep like babies.



Walking across the harbour bridge is something I’ve alway wanted to do. A train ride from town hall and a ferry ride to Milsons Point led us to having sushi in the park under the beautiful harbour bridge. We eventually found ourselves at the bridge stairs and making the walk back towards the city on the bridge. With wobbly legs and Dwi being little shaky with the heights we enjoyed every second of it and of course the spectacular views.

The Sydney tower, centre point tower or the Westfield Sydney tower. We weaved our way through the sky scrapers to the bottom of the tower. With the steep, vertical look up we took the 40second or so, elevator ride up and arrived at the highest point of the city. The 180 degree view of the city is breathtaking. Being able to see all the sights from one place is pretty special.

imageWith another big Indonesian lunch and tired legs, we decided to have a relaxed afternoon at our apartment. In having a bit of a rest, we decided to have a wander through the city for our last night and my birthday! What planned to be a quick stroll to dinner and a drink on the way, turned into a train ride to circular quay, a night ferry ride along the harbour through the lit up sky line, we found our selves in a back alley having the most scrumptious Thai dinner we have ever eaten. A quiet walk turned into a romantic night on the Sydney harbour and being spoilt by Dwi for my birthday. A great way to end a few days away.

The train ride home the next day, felt like forever. We were tired and craving a good sleep in our own bed! (Who doesn’t when you go away and are on the way home!) An amazing short holiday in the city closest to our home in Aus. Sydney you were amazing!

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