Cambewarra Mountain to Fitroy Falls


The South Coast of New South Wales is where I am lucky to call home. It has some of the best beaches in Australia and also some of the world’s whitest sands in the world, epic surf breaks, mountains that meet the sea and amazing tourist drives that wind through the entire coastal area. Living in such a diverse area means there are millions of things to do and see.

We decided to go for an adventure and explore the amazing area that we call home.

Cambewarra Mountain Lookout


Most locals, tourists and almost everyone in the area will know about this one! Located at the northern side of Nowra, we wound our way up the mountain along one of the the narrowest roads, we have ever driven. We reached the top of the town, or in this case, the top of the mountain, which felt like we were on top of the world.


The views from up the top are very far and very clear. I can’t believe I had never been here before today, it is so close to my home! We were lucky as the sun was bright and shining with no or very faded, few clouds lining the skyline. We sat upon the grassy hill and listened to never ending sounds of the birds echoing. There was no one around. A few couples seated at the café, but other than that, we had the entire grassy hill all to ourselves. After sitting, pointing out the towns, where our house is and of course, our favourite surf breaks from up high, we ventured back to the car to head to our next destination.

Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy is a cute, little town after Kangaroo Valley (if your heading ‘up’ the mountain), but it is more known for the ‘falls’ more than anything. After the long and bendy roads that had us weaving our way up the steep mountain, we arrived at the National Park Visitor Centre and followed the tracks out to the falls.


The suprisingly short walk under a road and through the bush led us to the sound of water and breath taking views. We had arrived at a scarily high look out (well, Dwi thought it was scary anyways!). With the wind blowing off the mountains on to our faces, the see-through floor and water fall just next to us, there wasn’t much except the hand rails between us and the 81M drop below.


The breath taking views over the mountains got even better as we continued to walk around the walking tracks. The short walks are beautifully led through the natural Australian bush, with signage and a few infomation signs. We followed the story of the local Aborginal people as we slowly weaved our way around to the different lookouts. Each lookout offered us a different view of the mountains, the falls and the beautiful coast. With only a few other visitors to the national park, the quietness of the natural environment just makes the experience all the more pleasant, especially with the constant sounds of the whip birds and lyrebirds.

With the cool, winter sun starting to find shade, we headed back to the car thankful of a fun-filled day. Jokingly Dwi said ‘left your lights on Hayles’ when we reached the car. Thinking he was joking I turned around to the car only to realise we now had a flat battery and were stuck in what felt like the middle of no where!

We raced inside, hopeful that a ranger may have jumper leads (which they did!) and to our luck, the practically empty car park, now had another car  which just pulled up and right next to ours. Two men that looked like they would know about a car battery hopped out and after a quick rearrangement of car spots, we hooked our car up to theirs. Sooner rather than later our little danny Daewoo was back on and running! Lucky, in an unlucky situation, it could have been much worse!


A beautiful day that anybody on the amazing South Coast of New South Wales can experience. After all it is only a few hours south of Sydney and definitely worth the drive!


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