A Day in Villa Life


Imagine waking up to the rising sun over a wall of palmtrees, diving into your own private pool whilst breakfast is being cooked for you all within your own villa.

If the strong scent of fragipanis, the soothing sound of the rice fields swaying in the morning wind and the warmth of the Balinese sun hitting your back sounds like your kind of morning, than villa life could be for you!

Living in Bali isn’t always the luxury that it sounds for us. We live locally, in a small room, while we eat and drink daily at local street stalls with spending only a few dollars a day. When friends come to visit and holiday in Bali, we always end up ‘splurging’ on mango margaritas, day trips and even a western style dinner.



One of my best friends came to visit and just happened to have a spare bedroom (yes, a whole room and ensuite!) at the three bedroom amazing luxurious villa where she was staying. You can only guess who was lucky enough to take the vacancy of that room!

A day spent by the glowing blue water of the pool led us to order delivery lunch (we never have delivery food in Bali!). From the pool, king size day bed and the fresh scent of frangipanis all day, we couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces or get us out of the pool!

A holiday within our holiday lifestyle.

Living as a local means, no hot water, local toilet style and yes, it does get hard! While at this amazing villa, I had my first hot shower in weeks! A hot shower doesn’t sound like much does it? I’m not sure if it was because I’ve been out of a western styled house for a while or I was just so stoked to feel warm water, but to be honest, this wasn’t just an ordinary shower, it was the best!

With a wall of flowers that would slowly drop into the pool, a cushioning bed of grass for sunbaking and day lounges in every direction, we played in the sun, in the shade, in the pool and in to the night. If you’re like me and love your beauty sleep, you would have loved this amazing bed! Sleeping under the perfectly drooping white mosquito net and tucking ourselves into the freshest and crispiest sheets, we felt like royalty and slept like babies!



Instead of our normal daily routine of waking up and driving to check the surf with boards and bikinis, we slipped into a swimsuit and dove into the cool water. With the sun just peeking over the palm-tree fence and glistened through the colourful flowers, we knew that today would be just as good as yesterday and that we could definitely get used to living a villa life..


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