Living – Bali vs Australia

Chickens cockadoodle-doing, kids squealing, motorbikes starting, crazy Balinese gecko’s squeaking, the wedding MC constantly saying ‘sati, dua, tiga, test, test, test’ and yep you guessed it, just as I drift back off to sleep, the mosque starts with the call to prayer. Afternoon naps here in bali aren’t the same as a cool, quiet bedroom in Australia, but who wouldn’t pick sleeping on a floor mattress with a tiny ceiling fan, next to Bali’s main highway, over your own bed?

imageThe choices we make and the priorities that we have made, influence how we appreciate and view our lives as well as everything in it. The amazing paradise we currently live in and of course being with the man I love and his beautiful family, means I have had to let go of a few of life’s comforts and reassess what it is in life that I want and also what I actually need.

Living abroad in another country and a totally different culture can leave you feeling excited, exhausted and more times than not, confused! As I lay on my 5 inch thick bed on the floor, under a tiny ceiling fan with wings no longer than 15cm and 5cm wide, (it’s teeny!)

I think to myself, why the hell do I not miss home, but I really don’t?

Well maybe my big comfy bed, but that’s about it.

I had it all. Moved out of home, brought as many things as I needed to ‘survive’ without the luxury of mums t.v and I even taught myself how to cook. The only problem now, is my furniture, cooking utensils and even my pre-used Uni text books, are stored away in dads good ol’ shed! With the help of mum ironing and flat packing my clothes, I now live with as much as I could squish into my luggage and surfboard bags.


The typical holiday destination; cheap flights, cheap hotels and even cheaper alcohol. The waves are perfect, the sun is out almost everyday and the locals are as friendly as you could ever dream of, well it is a dream. Spending a month or two at a time for a few times a year in Bali when I was younger, made me all the more eager to pack up my life up and travel, everywhere.

Now having Dwi in my life there really is no excuse to not be here, in Bali! Except I’m not travelling, I’m not out partying every night, I don’t go on expensive day trips and sometimes just like you at home, I too have lazy days. On the other hand, I do get to surf everyday and live with my beautiful Balinese family in their traditional house, bucket shower and all!


My home and it always will be. Some of the whitest sand beaches, amazing surf and so many childhood memories, that I am constantly reliving when I am home. Having a huge 4 bed room house, pool and spa, all about 100-150 meters from the sand and waves is pretty good. Having most of my family living very close to one another makes me appreciate how good life in Australia really is, but do we really need all the materialistic things? Having such an amazing upbringing and now living in a Balinese village, makes me appreciate every thing a lot more than I ever realise and why nothing should be taken for granted, like drinking tap water and flushing a toilet!

3 months there, 6 months here, 10 weeks there, 6 months here. We are never really in one place for more than 6months. We are always on a plane. Sometimes as short as a few weeks. Living and relying on what visa the immigration officers decide to give Dwi, can really impact on how long we stay in one place. With me being pretty easy going and Dwi, the ever so chilled out, I guess it’s what makes this weird set up we have, work.

imageLiving in Bali is different to what many people imagine. Dwi’s house in Bali isn’t like the amazingly huge Balinese villas you will see online. A small, one or two room house with not many windows, a squat pot as a toilet and an outside kitchen. We don’t have a pool and we definitely don’t have a tv or even fly screens on the windows. It’s the simple life. When we are here in Bali, we are always joking about how good it would be to turn on home and away (yes, I miss that show!) or even to have triple j (radio) bopping away in the background, but don’t even mention a hot shower.


A day for us in Bali revolves around the surf and what the conditions are like at the beach. Breakfast is generally out of a banana leaf, while sitting only metres from where the early sunrise surfers have taken to their spots in the line up, before us too joining them in the water for some fun. Beach motorbike rides on our Scoopy scooter along the coast, quick trips to the famous magic tree in the mountains and chilling out under our fully sick ceiling fan, when it is too hot to be outside.

There’s not much beer drinking, staying up dancing or snorkelling around cool islands, we just live a pretty simple and easy going life and we are happy with that!!



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