Shimmy Surfer Girls

imageSurfer girls have their own unique lifestyles, fun and of course style. Messy surf hair that no matter how many times you brush it, it is still tangled, mixed with the contagious smiles and laughter, surfer girls always seem to be having fun wherever they are! There’s a style that most girl surfers carry with them. It’s unique and you can normally just pick a ‘surfergirl’ just by looking at them.

Being salty, sandy and soaked in sunshine, can only lead to happiness and a good time. Hanging with fellow girls that share the same love for the ocean, riding waves and a surfing lifestyle, creates the best friendships and always leaves room for new ones to be made in or out of the water.

I always seem to have the most fun when I am in the water or hanging with surfing friends.

imageHanging with these two gorgeous girls and the inspiring lady behind the camera lens, just makes our sun shining days in Bali even more loveable! Soph, the giant blonde bombshell from Sweeden, is our guru with the daily tide/surf reports and Julz the Austrian style guru, always knows where the fun is at!

Okay on to the reason behind this pic… Shimmy Bracelets. These mermaid inspired, surfer girl jewellery pieces, are hand crafted by some of the Medewi village woman, in the western region, on the island of Bali. Not only are these pieces made ethically, but they also create job opportunities and skills for local woman, to support their families and ultimately have an income.


The chicka behind the lens, Carolin, a.k.a Wonder Woman, has unselfishly created a business that supplies business opportunities for local woman; and she is killing it! In between being a mum, wife, worker, friend and bracelet maker, You will find Carol out in the line up with the biggest smile on her face!

So inspiring, strong, peaceful yet determined; this independent woman shares her magic and appreciation of life, through creating beautiful and unique bracelets.

The bracelets aren’t just a piece of jewellery. Each bracelet is uniquely made to suit individual’s personalities and desires. They are a reflection of strong woman coming together to create opportunities and support for one another, as well as creating an amazing accessory. Shimmy Bracelets leave you feeling a strong sense of positivity as you continually have a reminder of love, support and strength on your arm.

You wear a shimmy bracelet, you wear a story. 

Shimmy Bracelets are bright, waterproof and shimmery to bring colour into your life. I wear mine daily in and out of the water and mix and match colours to suit different occasions and outfits.

The funky gems are beachy jewellery that every surfer girl needs!

All images by Carolin Vogel for Shimmy Bracelets


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