Mornings at Medewi Beach

We wake up and know that the biggest decision we will make for the day is what time we want to going surfing. Well, that is generally the key focus when planning a day in Medewi. The tides play a huge role for the way the waves and conditions will be here each day. High tide – the rocks are covered, low tide – uncovered and everything else in between throughout the day.

I love when it is a higher tide in the morning. What is better than waking up and heading straight out for waves? When I wake and it is low tide, I like to take it easy, have breakfast on the beach and watch the early surfers dodge the shallow rocks. While I wait for the tide to rise, I love to sit back and take in the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds the magical beach of Medewi.


With the early, quiet line up and still air, Dwi can’t say no to a surf, low tide or not! With the camera in my hand, the sun half risen and peeking through the palm trees, this is how I like to spend my mornings in Medewi, relaxing.

In every direction I look there is something that catches my eye. Sitting here, listening to the ocean and taking it all in. It really makes me appreciate just how lucky I am to be here and enjoying the start of of a new day, you can’t help but smile! 

Palm trees to the right, fishing boats to the left, mountains in every direction and the bright mosque amongst the beautiful rice fields that surround Medewi beach.

On a clear day you can see right over to the neighbouring Indonesian island of Java, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.  With not too many tourists visiting the area and such epic views that are being shared with the few local surf checkers, this place really is the best place to spend a morning!



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