Tandem Surfing

When you live in a small village and all you really do is surf, sleep, chill out under palm trees and eat, when the surf is small, what is there to do?! The question for us was, where’s the board!

Tandem surfing is one of the most intimate and down right fun experiences, especially with your boyfriend! Being surfers, myself and Dwi had done this once or twice before. The board was big, I mean really big and as wide as a small boat! Dwi called shot gun and claimed the back position (I also designated him head paddler, as it is hard work!). We managed to make it past the deep, high tide waters which were covering the big, sharp boulders to the line up where a few others surfers were trying their luck.


Lucky to not get hit by the Stand Up paddle board, other surfers laughed along with us as we were both giggling and we actually managed to carch a few decent size waves! Paddling into the small waves on such a big board with Dwi on the back, meant I had to sit as close to the nose as possible, with my legs crossed of course! Standing up on the waves was easy, except for the fact I am regular and Dwi is goofy. With wanting to turn the board in two different directions, Dwi managed to be in control, (at least I thought he was) steer and guide us along the perfectly breaking mini left hander.

Falling off wouldn’t have looked very graceful, nor was it easy. With me trying to jump off to the left as it began shallow out over the rocks and Dwi gaining speed as we rode the wave, I took a jump to the right (accidentally of course) taking Dwi and the board out with me. With a few more waves to come and the beaming midday sun shining down on us, we decided to call it quits and head for shore. Well Dwi had a different idea and I was ‘swimming’ to shore next to him as he paddled!

What a fun surf session we had! I cannot wait to do it again!

We made a video also on the fun we had! Check it out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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