Nusa Dua – Baby Sharks

Your picturesque paradise; White sand, crispy blue skies, the fresh smell of salt in the air and the sound of tiny ripples kissing the shoreline whilst laying on the softest Turkish towel. Yep, Nusa Dua, in the South of Bali you are my definition of paradise.


Whenever we find ourselves laying around, feeling a little bored and confused on what to do for an afternoon, we always head onto the toll road, over the bridge and in to the beautiful Balinese land of Nusa Dua. It is definitely one of my favourite places on the entire island to chill out, relax and feel a somewhat, sense of home. Mushroom Beach is my pick of the places in the region. The beaches are crystal clear, secluded from the crowds and simply breath taking.


imageBeaches in Australia on the South Coast (where I am from), are quiet, white sand and no one disturbs or looks at you, unlike most Bali beaches. This is what I miss most about being in Bali and away from home. Nusa Dua has this same rear feeling that home has; noone hassles you, no one tries to sell you anything and no one weirdly offers you a massage or ‘Jiggy-jig’ while lapping up the sun and beaching it in a bikini.


Every time we have been to Nusa Dua, Mushroom Beach is where we set up and of course it’s under our favourite little tree; half sun, half shade, perfect! With the sun beaming and the sky the most perfect blue, it seemed a little busier than normal. This one particular day, a crowd of tourists (you can always pick a tourist!) had cameras pointing, hands gesturing and squealing in amazement. Dwi raced down to the beaches corner to see what all the commotion was about.

Baby Sharks. And not just one or two. There were about 50 baby sharks just cruising and swimming around in the shoreline! Yep, the shoreline. Crazy. We both grabbed the go pro and raced over. The water seemed murky and sandy from everyone walking and swimming around and with a thin layer of sea grass, sadly it was pretty much impossible to ‘get the shot’ of the sharks. Dwi, with shirt off and boardies on was a lot braver than I was; swimming over the top and next to these baby sharks as they were splashing around and jumping to grab a taste of the many small fish that were also around. Being shark rookies and not even knowing the species, we were just amazed at such a rear and amazing sight.

imageBeing a surfer on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, I have always feared sharks. If I see or hear of them being in the water, I will soon be out of the water! As I grew braver and more trusting in these shoreline visitors, I entered the refreshing, clean water of Mushroom Beach and dove in. I have to admit it, I did swim a little down from where the Sharks were. Friendly, curious and almost playful, these highly feared yet kind of cute creatures were swimming around with us!

imageAfter a few hours, the tide began to rise and the sharks now had enough water to swim past the shallow sandbanks. We watched in amazement as they soon returned to the deep sea and we returned to the beach to lap up the afternoon sun.

This day just added to how much I love this place!


imageNusa Dua has a clean, fresh, relaxed and different feel to it from the ‘normal’ Bali beaches. To feel comfortable in a bikini, happily swim in clear water without pollution and to see the clearest and bluest of skies is definitely why I keep coming back to this paradise. It’s my kind of beach day in Bali.




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