50 Thoughts of a Girl Surfer

Whenever I am out in the water or just chilling at the beach, I always catch myself laughing at the thoughts that are running through my head. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes serious and sometimes things shouldn’t be said out loud. We are all guilty of some of these girls;


1. When did I last maintain my bikini line?
2. Is he checking me out?
3. Whoops, I fully just flashed that guy!
4. My butt is out, my butt is out!
5. Wow, she really shouldn’t be wearing a Brazilian bikini.
6. I hate guys that surf.
7. Is that a crab where it shouldn’t be?
8. Ah! Did my bikini un-tie when I stood up.
9. Please move, don’t be behind me when I duck dive this bomb.
10. I love surfy guys.
11. I just got smashed trying to duckdive a one foot wave, hopefully no one saw that!
12. Yep, everyone can fully see my bikini line.
13. Wow, I hope no one saw that nose dive!
14. Is he seriously hassling me, a chick, for this crappy wave.
15. Oops, I didn’t even get the wave.
16. I forgot to put a bikini under my wetsuit, well this will be fun getting changed in the car park.
17. The waves are big, if I don’t go I will look like a kook.
18. Dam!! No one saw me get that good one.
19. What was that dark shadow?
20. Is my tampon string out?
21. It’s definitely out, the whole world can see it!
22. How do I change out of this bikini?
23. I hope this towel doesn’t drop.
24. There’s an ant in my bikini pants.
25. Should I fix my bikini bottoms so my butt isn’t out and get smashed by this waves or not get smashed but paddle with my pants down? Big decision..
26. How am I suppose to get back to shore now?
27. What was that splash? It’s definitely a shark.
28. So how do I get out of this wetsuit with no bikini on?
29. No I don’t want a ‘photo, photo!’
30. Oops, he just saw my butt when I duck-dived.
31. My boob is out! My boob is out!
32. Help.
33. Internally squealing of excitement.
34. Is he only wearing speedos?
35. I wonder if he surfs…
36. Man I wish I was a guy out here.
37. Why are they looking at me and laughing?
38. I should definitely should have worn shorts out here.
39. I love surfing!
40. Ah! I hate crowds.
41. But there’s no one to go out there with.
42. At least I’m getting a tan out here.
43. My nipples are freezing!
44. My hair definitely looks blonder.
45. Please stop talking dude, you don’t even surf.
46. I just want to sleep, but the surf is pumping. My life’s too hard.
47. I could go out for 30 minutes before my appointment/date.
48. I’m always late. Surfing is a good excuse, right?
49. Wow! What is that? Is that a wetsuit, bikini or a rashvest ??
50. My hair is all over my face, but don’t stop paddling!


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