My ‘Girly’ Travel Necessities

I’m really not a ‘girly’ girl, but when it comes to travelling and being a little prepared I like to stick to my favourites! Okay, so being a surfer and a girl of course, can have it challenges especially being out in all the conditions that Mother Earth can throw at us; wind, rain, salt, sun, nights out and of course periods! Through my travelling experiences and especially while living here in Bali it can be quite difficult to access the ‘girly’ things that we need and prefer. I have decided to share with you, my personal ‘girl surfer’ travel necessities that I can’t live or travel without!

1. Carmex
imageMy lips suck. The sun smashes them, the wind smashes them and at my current stage of becoming wiser or growing ‘wisdom teeth’, I am always biting and tearing my lips! I’ve noticed when I am in a plane, a motel room, a car or any other place where you have access to A/C (air conditioning) I definitely am in need of my Carmex. It somehow creates a heating sensation on your lips and literally smoothens them out. I wake up many nights with bleeding lips, but Carmex miraculously makes my dry, cracked, bleeding lips’ feel smooth again. I’m not sure if it is designed to be SPF or waterproof but I surf with it on and it stays on. I will put a generous amount on each night after a full day in the sun so I can wake up and pucker up!

2. Tampons
This is a big one, especially while I’m living in Bali. As gross as they are, I don’t like and I won’t use pads! Especially in such a hot climatic location. Yes, you can buy some tampons, but come on who wants to drive a few hours in a nervous state to find rocket sized tampons that project themselves through cardboard! In other words, you need to be prepared! I always try and prepare for the months I am away for and then add an extra month or so, depending on your body. Being a surfer as well, means if it’s that time of the month and the waves are pumping, I have no choice but to have tampons close by. I try to leave at least one or a few in bags, wallets, pockets and even my motorbike has a few emergency ones! You never know when it could strike, especially being in different environments, consuming different foods and as well as being around different people. As they say ladies, our periods eventually sync with each other.

image3. Ella Bache SPF Foundation (a.k.a my Zinc)
Okay I am a fussy surfer when it comes to zinc. Being in the hot sun all day and even windy conditions, I cannot leave the house without my Ellabache SPF foundation. Yes the name says ‘foundation’ but seriously I have tried a lot of suncreams and zincs prior and nothing else works! I have gone on day surfing trips and even a half an hour surf without putting any on and when I come home I’m always red faced and burnt. It works. It is actually a foundation, so with having it with me and my plans change, I can always have a source of makeup on me if need be (but it is thick and I don’t like to wear it as a makeup). It is only a small tube and yes, it is a little expensive approx $50 AUD, but you only need a finger tip of it to fully cover your face. Plus with it being a natural coloured waterproof foundation who doesn’t want their skin to glow and look good whilst surfing!

image4. TRESemmé Conditioner
I have long hair. Yes, I am guilty for never brushing it but I will always wash it. After being salty, sandy and sun smashed TRESemmé Conditioner is all I need! Seriously I use all and any shampoo brands (even ‘shining black’ or a cake of soap if that’s all we have) but this conditioner is a must! It magically detangles and smoothens my almost dreadlocked hair and allows me to instantly run my fingers or if I’m really needing to, a comb through it (that’s as close to brushing as I get!). There’s a few different types depending on your hair needs but I try to aim for the ones that aim to fix dry and damaged hair. If I don’t use it I really notice it (normally I use it only a few times a week). My hair is left dry, feeling heavy and my crazy split ends force my hair to be messy and extra wavy.

5. Face Wipes
Most brands will do the job. After a hot sweaty day, left over makeup/ zinc or just needing to feel refreshed I always have my go-to face wipes. It’s not as good as having a shower, but don’t just restrict the wipe to the ‘face’. It’s a bit gross but a long flight or a long day can always be broken up with a face wipe under the arm, feet or if your desperate for toilet paper your covered also! It’s also nice to have a packet in the fridge (if your lucky to have a fridge on your travels) to have a chilled, fresh wipe waiting for you after a long day of adventuring, but make sure that pack is closed otherwise they all dry up!


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