Tanah Lot Temple Surfing

I’d seen the millions of photos and I’d been there once for the typical sunset before but never had I loaded the boards into the car and had the conditions so perfect. As you arrive there a hundreds of tourist of all nationalities lining the walkways all looking so happy to be taking in such an amazing atmosphere. The sounds of traditional Bali echo throughout the beautiful landscape as the Balinese continuously perform prayers and rituals with what sounds to be like soft drums and bells.

imageAs we weaved our way through the crowds of tourists with their overstretched arms gripping onto their excessively long selfie sticks, we reached the stairs. Climbing down the steep stairs in a rushed manner only led to a few lil grazes on our toes but it was worth it to find not one person in the lineup and the waves were perfect!

The sounds echoed through the cliff line and as the tide began to drop the water running off the rocks was sizzling and creating a mystical steam like effect. With the colourful array of Balinese decorations as well as the sun beaming down on us, left us feeling extremely blessed to experience the spiritual Balinese culture whilst surfing. As we continued to sit and wait for waves to come I thought to myself, “yeh this is Bali”. I’d never surfed somewhere where prayers and ceremonies were so large and could be heard and viewed right in front of such an uncrowded, perfect wave. Along with hundreds of tourists lining the cliff taking photos of the attraction of the temple there were many that were intrigued and almost amazed to see us in the water.

imageAs I climbed back up the stairs there were many tourists waiting excitedly for me to arrive back on the cliff top. It wasn’t to make sure I was safe or ask how the waves were, but to take photos with me and share the photos they had of me! Some people might say it was a little weird and creepy but besides the language barrier and Asian snacks I was being offered we communicated happily and managed to understand what they were trying to tell me, “you a good swimmer”. I giggled with them and pretended that standing on a surfboard actually is swimming!image

Tanah Lot will definitely go onto my list of favourite places to surf. Not because the wave is epic, but it was amazing because of the beautiful atmosphere and serenity that we got to surf in. See you soon Tanah Lot.


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