Juwuk Manis Waterfall

We had surfed at home all morning. The waves were smallish but still fun and and the sunshine was beaming. A big lunch turned us into a bunch of excited grommets with energy to burn over the dreaded and practically un-surf able low tide here in Medewi.

imageA few old surfing friends of Dwi’s were in town and had heard of the ‘magic tree’ and some epic waterfalls just over the mountains. I had been to a few different places that came to mind that we could take the boys to that would be amazing to personally experience once more. Like many of our adventures over the west Bali mountains, Bunut Bolong aka the Magic Tree was our first stop. Loads of excited school children and teens were seated next to the tree as we pulled into the parking. As traffic comes and go through the two way road beneath the tree, it can be tricky to time your move and find the perfect photo positioning and angle of the tree. The typical tourist shot of a 1,2,3 jump, always looks amazing under this monstrous tree. Just keep your eyes (and ears) open! Be sure to grab a cool drink and some snacks from the locals, they are always super excited and proud to see the tourists coming to their village.

imageThe road was broken and bumpy with no westerners in sight, the real Bali that we don’t usually hear about. The west coast has some extremely untouched and unique areas thoughout the mountain ranges and rainforest jungles. The quiet villages, beautiful views and the natural land that is often used for farming, are the road to many untouched jungles that are filled with wildlife, plants and nature. It is so hard to explain this in words and photos without experiencing this first hand. I highly recommend it an adventure into the North-West.

imageWe got lost, well atleast that’s what Google Maps was telling us. A few U-turns and helpful locals along the way guided us in the right direction until we finally saw the beautiful black and gold Hindu temple and the walking track, which was of corse overgrown, unmaintained and fully of creepy crawlers. I had previously walked this track and can remember the sweat, tears and almost blood that I had experienced! It is a very steep walk to say the least. The sound of water trickling and falling heavy from the smallish cliff was the motivation we needed to continue winding downward. With shaking legs and panting bodies we carefully walked the 1Km track of steep stairs winding down the mountain through the thick jungle to what I believe to be one of the best and most natural views you will ever see.

The water was cool, a lot cooler than the ocean here and very clear. The rock floor is covered with small boulders and pebbles which make it quite easy to access the water. It is peaceful, with the loud sound of the water falling, birds chirping and trees swaying mixed in with the occasional excited giggles and squeals as we entered the fresh, cool water splashing one another. We soon cooled off and dreaded the climb back up the steep mountain.image

A walk like this isn’t easy on any day, but with the humid Balinese climate well upon us we made it to the fresh, cool water hole that was perfect temperature to refresh, cool off and take in the surrounding atmosphere. Personally I love waterfalls, I can’t get enough of them and whenever I hear of a waterfall close by or far away I am also eager to explore and discover new places. Swimming under and around a waterfall gives you this feeling of appreciation of just how small we are as humans and the uncontrollable power that the Earth has. I can’t wait for the next waterfall that we visit soon.


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