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Welcome to the world of Oceanrides Travelvibes. I am super excited in creating my new blog! I am Hayley from Australia and my partner Dwi is from Bali. We are constantly travelling and living between the two and we love it. This image was taken on the beautiful South Coast of NSW at Bombo Beach, Kiama where we were living for the last year during summer. We are currently living in between Culburra Beach and Bali.

I am a PE/health and sport high school teacher as well as a lifeguard at the local leisure centre while Dwi is a surf instructor/coach and he has been for the last 6 years. Graduating University meant that I now have a lot more spare time in between shifts at the pool and casual school days to travel, and live in Bali for longer periods of time with Dwi. It has made our relationship a lot easier than the whole long distance thing.

With our love for surfing and the beach we are lucky to have a relaxed and chilled out lifestyle where we can surf and play at the beach whenever we like. Unlike most people that wake up, have breakfast and begin their daily routine, the first thing we do after jumping out of bed is check the waves and decide where to set up camp and surf, then breakfast. Whether we are in Bali or Australia our day always revolves around a surf or getting wet in the ocean to start the day.

In setting up oceanrides travelvibes I hope to deliver inspiring content that you find interest in and motivate yourself to get the most out of life, travel and be happy.

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